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Wallpapers and emotions
Wallpapers and emotions
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Wallpapers and emotions

Everybody knows that images can influence emotions.

When a lot of people are working or simply living in front of their computer screen it becomes important what they see there. Desktop wallpapers can not only
be just a part of the screen but be also an important part of human life. Emotions affect people in different ways. The same emotion is being experienced by people in specific manners. Emotions can affect all the systems of an individual as well as some parts of it.

Emotions and perception - It has been known that emotion, as the other motivational factors affects perception. A joyful person perceives the world with optimism. The one who suffers, interprets the comments as critical. Therefore it is important for people who spend a big part of their life in front of their PC to have a good, optimistic and beautiful wallpaper on the screen. It would raise the effectiveness of labour and ability to take better decisions.

Emotions and cognitive processes - Emotions affect memory, thinking and imagination. The effect of "narrow view" perception has its counterpart in the educational sphere. For a frightened person it is difficult to evaluate alternative solutions. Therefore we don't recommend to have desktop wallpapers dedicated to depressive themes. When a human is angry just negative opinions can appear. In a state of high interest some individuals are so passionate that they are not capable of learning and doing any activities. So we don't recommend wallpapers which can make a person nervous.

Emotions and actions - Emotions or complexes of emotions experienced by people in a certain time may affect their studies, game and work. When a person is really interested in the subject matter, he has a desire to explore it in depth. Sensing an aversion to a given discipline, he tries to avoid it.

Emotions and consciousness - The claim that emotion can be considered as a separate or special state of consciousness, is not new. An outstanding English scientist Spencer described the “central” emotions the following way - The start and finish of them is not concrete in time and relatively not identified and not localized in space. They are not limited by the previous and the following states of consciousness with some certainty, and have no borders between them.
If you always have the same desktop wallpaper on your screen and that wallpaper is not good for you with regards to the emotions it causes, you may face negative
tendencies in your life coming from “nowhere”.

Therefore, selecting a good wallpaper from our site may benefit you in many ways.

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